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San Diego Humane Society

Featured Pets

They may have been with us for some time or have a unique talent we can't resist sharing. Whatever it is that makes these pets special, we're featuring them here so you can see how bright they shine!

Certified R.A.D.

These wonderful animals have been in the care of San Diego Humane Society for some time waiting to go to the right home. We think it is time you check out our most R.A.D. animals. Maybe one will fit in your life, you are ready and deserving too!

See Who's R.A.D.

Staff and Volunteer Picks

Of the many wonderful animals available at San Diego Humane Society, these pets are extra special because one of our staff or volunteers has chosen to nominate them as their Employee or Volunteer Pick.

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Furry Flyers

Help spread the word. Print or share this flyer. 


Visit our Furry Flyer page for more flyers to share. 

Furry Flyers

Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems are wonderful companion animals that are not “on display” in our public adoption gallery because they do best in a calm and quiet environment outside of the public adoption area. These animals are readily available for adoption – please ask for an introduction!

Hidden Gems

Special Needs

We rescue and rehabilitate all healthy and treatable animals. When an animal in our care is suffering (from a chronic illness, challenging behavior or a terminal disease) and are deemed unhealthy or untreatable, we do everything we can to find a rescue group, family or person willing to take on their special needs. We recognize that the animals on this page will need special care and possibly expenses beyond a healthy pet, so we are waiving their adoption fees. 

Special Needs


Your Guide to Adopting an Animal at San Diego Humane Society
View, meet and complete your pet adoption. It's as simple as that. This guide will take you step-by-step. We are here for you, as always. Please book a callback appointment if you have any questions at
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Start your search! View available for adoption pets.


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