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San Diego Humane Society

Free Post-Adoption Resources

For all return appointments, Wellness Center / post-adoption medical issues or behavior questions, please call 619-299-7012.

 Book a Callback Appointment

Schedule Your Free Vet Exam (you have two options)

  • Option 1 – Using the VCA flyer, make an appointment at any VCA hospital listed on the back of the flyer in your adoption paperwork.
    • This certificate is valid within the first 14 days after adoption.
  • Option 2 - To get you and your pet off on the best start possible, these veterinary offices have generously offered to provide a complimentary vet exam when you adopt a pet from San Diego Humane Society. Simply choose a vet office, schedule an appointment and remember to bring your Complimentary Vet Exam certificate to your appointment..
    • This certificate is valid within the first seven days after adoption.

If your vet discovers a medical concern that we did not (something not in the waiver/contract). Call our Wellness Center at 619-279-5085 within 14 days of adoption to schedule a post adoption appointment before approving any treatment through your own veterinarian.

Register with MetLife Pet Insurance

An incentive for pet insurance from MetLife is offered with your adoption. Call 855-780-7387 and speak to a MetLife representative.

Register with Finding Rover

  • This is a free app to assist in finding animals faster, if they go missing.
  • This app uses facial recognition to match your dog to your information. Your pet’s photo has already been uploaded to Finding Rover!
  • To register, all you need is the email you gave to us at the time of adoption.
  • From your cell phone, go to the Finding Rover website and follow the instructions for registration.

Schedule Behavior and Training Classes

  • To schedule your free 1-hour training session with one of our expert trainers, please call 619-299-7012 ext. 2398.
  • For behavioral questions and training tips, please visit our behavior and training center.
  • Email your behavior or training questions to or call 619-299-7012 ext. 2244.
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