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San Diego Humane Society

Post-Adoption Checklist

Thank You for Adopting from San Diego Humane Society!

If you are adopting a puppy/dog:

Dogs in our care have been exposed to Kennel Cough, which is contagious. Symptoms can include watery eyes, watery nose and/or coughing. Similar to a child that is exposed to extra germs in a school environment, your dog may or may not contract kennel cough. If your dog does come down with kennel cough, it will be your responsibility to take them to a vet to get them the proper treatment.

If you are adopting a kitten/cat:

Cats in our care have been exposed to Upper Respiratory Infection, which is contagious. Symptoms can include watery eyes, watery nose and/or sneezing. Like a child that is exposed to extra germs in a school environment, your cat may or may not contract URI. If your cat does come down with URI, it will be your responsibility to take them to a vet to get them the proper treatment.

Your dog/cat/rabbit has been microchipped:

If your pet is microchipped with a company other than Home Again, you will be given a registration form to complete. Please provide your current contact information. If your pet has a Home Again microchip, you will be contacted by the microchip company in the next few days, welcoming you. If you need to change your address or phone number, you will do that with the microchip company directly. If your animal ever gets lost, the animal’s microchip number will be linked to you so they can be returned to you as quickly as possible.

Your kitten/cat or puppy/dog has been spayed or neutered:

Your animal may have been recently spayed or neutered. If this is the case, please wait 10 days from the time of the surgery to bathe your pet. You can find the spay/neuter date in the Medical History Record, which will be emailed to you. Surgical glue was used to seal the surgery site and bathing your pet before 10 days may prematurely dissolve the glue. If you notice your animal licking the surgery site, you may need to purchase an e-collar and contact your family veterinarian for additional information.

Your adopted pet is currently up to date on all of their vaccines:

Each animal is current on all the necessary vaccines when they are adopted. You can find the vaccine history in the animal’s Medical History Record that will be emailed to you the day you adopt. We suggest continuing a flea treatment and necessary vaccines after adoption. Please speak to your vet regarding your pet’s health and lifestyle to determine what future vaccinations are needed and when.

You’ll also receive these additional benefits:

  • We proudly feed all of our animals Purina products, and we recommend you do the same as you start your journey to happily ever after. You will receive a complementary bag of Purina food upon adoption.
  • We have an ADOPTION GUARANTEE! If you need to return your adopted animal for whatever reason, you can do so. You must call our Admissions department to schedule a return at 619-299-7012.
  • 10% off any purchase of retail items you make in Muttique on your adoption day (Oceanside location only).
  • Petco “Welcome to the Family” benefits.
  • One month of Pet First pet insurance.
  • Pet training videos at


Schedule your free vet exam (you have two options):

  • Option 1 – Using the VCA flyer, make an appointment at any VCA hospital listed on the back of the flyer in your adoption paperwork.
    • This certificate is valid within the first 14 days after adoption.
  • Option 2 - Go to any vet of your choice using the “Free Vet Exam Certificate” given at time of adoption.
    • This certificate is valid within the first seven days after adoption.

If your vet discovers a medical concern that we did not (something not in the waiver/contract):  Call our Wellness Center at 619-279-5085 within 14 days of adoption to schedule a post adoption appointment before approving any treatment through your own veterinarian.

Register with Pet First Insurance

  • Thirty days of pet insurance is included with your adoption.
  • Call 855-780-7387 and speak to a Pet First representative to activate your coverage while you wait to complete your adoption paperwork.
  • Worry-free guarantee: There is no obligation or waiting period. Your coverage automatically expires 30 days after activation unless you choose to extend coverage.

Register with Finding Rover (

  • This is a free app to assist in finding animals faster, if they go missing.
  • This app uses facial recognition to match your dog to your information. Your pet’s photo has already been uploaded to Finding Rover!
  • To register, all you need is the email you gave to us at the time of adoption. From your cell phone, go to the Finding Rover website and follow the instructions for registration.

Behavior and Training

  • To schedule your free 1-hour training session with one of our expert trainers, please call 619-299-7012 ext. 2398.
  • For behavioral questions and training tips, please visit our website's Community Recourse Center.
    • You will find various, free articles on behavior and training topics.
  • You can also email us at or call 619-299-7012 ext. 2244 for behavior questions or training tips.

Create your FREE Pet Hub profile for your dog’s license:

  • Create your pet’s free online profile on
  • All you need is the six-digit number located at the bottom of your pet’s tag (#SD123456).
  • A dog’s license tag must be securely fastened to the dog’s collar or harness and worn by the dog at all times.
  • If your dog is ever missing, a license tag provides a quick and accurate way of notifying you if someone finds your pet. It also provides proof that your dog has been vaccinated against rabies, as required by law.

Wellness Center and Return Appointments

San Diego, Escondido and Oceanside Campus Contact Information For all return appointments, Wellness Center / post-adoption medical issues or behavior questions, please call 619-299-7012.

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