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San Diego Humane Society

Adoption Agreement

At San Diego Humane Society we are committed to assisting you in choosing a pet who best fits your lifestyle, home environment and individual preferences. If for any reason your newly adopted pet is not a successful addition to your home, we positively encourage you to return the pet to any of our campuses without judgment or criticism. To help you and your new pet settle in, here are highlights of key information in your adoption contract.

You will be provided with a free veterinary exam offer to be utilized after adoption (within 7 or 14 days -- more details listed below). If your vet finds any concerns that we have not already disclosed to you, we give you the opportunity to decline care (we do not provide reimbursement), request diagnosis in writing and contact our Wellness Center at 619-299-7012 within 14 days of adoption to schedule a post-adoption appointment. Any future care for this pet will be your financial responsibility.

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