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San Diego Humane Society

About San Diego Humane Society's Humane Law Enforcement

On June 9, 1880, San Diego Humane Society officers levied the first fine against animal cruelty to “Mr. Collins’ boy for overriding a colt.” Since that day, our officers have been dedicated to enforcing animal cruelty and neglect laws so that all animals are treated with the respect they deserve.

San Diego Humane Society’s Humane Law Enforcement has officers in the field seven days a week, handling a variety of animal cruelty complaints. Humane Officers get their enforcement powers from the California Corporations Code 14502, and can exercise the powers of a peace officer while investigating animal-related crimes. Humane Officers are appointed by the State and undergo substantial training in animal care, state humane laws and continue education throughout their careers.

Not only can San Diego Humane Society Officers issue citations, make arrests, file criminal charges and serve warrants, they also respond and rescue animals in disaster situations in San Diego and surrounding areas with the assistance of the Humane Society’s 24-hour volunteer-operated Emergency Response Team. Officers and ERT members provide emergency assistance to animals near and far and work with our Community Engagement department speaking to children throughout San Diego County.


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