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San Diego Humane Society

Humane Academy


Each year San Diego Humane Society, in cooperation with the California Animal Welfare Association and the California Veterinary Medical Association, provides a Basic Animal Law Enforcement Academy.

Basic Animal Law Enforcement Academy
October 14-25, 2019

2019 Registration is now closed.

The Basic Animal Law Enforcement Academy is intended to provide training in California humane laws and appropriate animal care. This course can satisfy the requirements mandated by section 14502 of the California Corporations Code for appointment and reappointment as a humane officer (the final decision as to whether a course satisfies the training requirements rests with the superior court charged with confirming appointment or reappointment).

This course is $400 and provides eighty hours of instruction to attendees. All 80 hours must be completed in order to receive a completion certificate.

Instruction Includes:

California Animal Law
  • Introduction to cruelty.
  • Abuse and neglect laws.
  • Elements of a crime.
  • Investigating a crime.
  • Investigation procedures.
  • Search and seizure laws.
  • Laws of arrest.
  • Interviewing and interrogation techniques (Miranda warnings).
  • Courtroom demeanor and testimony.
  • Rules of evidence (chain of custody).
  • Report writing.
  • Civil and criminal liability.
  • Child and elder abuse.


Animal Care
  • General husbandry.
  • Appropriate care.
  • Proper health care protocols.
  • How to read animal body postures.
  • Breed identification.
  • Basic animal handling.
  • Use and type of animal capture equipment.


For Additional Info

For more info on San Diego Humane Society's Humane Academy, contact Lance McDermaid at 619-299-7012, ext. 2606 or

For more information regarding the requirements for becoming a Humane Officer, please visit

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