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San Diego Humane Society

Breed-Specific and Specialized Assistance

Financial assistance and resources for pets who need to undergo an amputation procedure.

Awareness and financial assistance for cancer treatment.

Diabetic Cats:
One-time financial assistance for diabetes care supplies like insulin.

Doberman Pinschers 
Financial assistance for rescue groups and moral support for pet owners of senior and special needs Dobermans. 

Great Pyrenees 
Financial assistance for vet care.

Handicapped Pets 
Financial assistance for handicapped pets.

Bialy's Wellness Foundation 
Sponsors families caring for animals with mobility issues. They prioritize households with incomes under $50,000 and request that individuals raise funds prior to requesting assistance.

Financial assistance for vet care.

Pet Wheelchairs
Financial assistance for owners of handicapped pets needing a wheelchair.

Financial assistance with vet care for rescued Westies.

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