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San Diego Humane Society

Foster Candidate Status Key

Please refer to this key for definitions of that status you see for foster candidates.

  • Available For Adoption – this animal is already spayed/neutered and ready to be adopted. They can spend time in a foster home while they wait to find their adoptive family. Assignments are 2 weeks – several months, but may be shorter if the animal finds an adopter. You can also become an Adoption Ambassador to help find them a home!
  • Hold Intervention – this animal is not ready to be adopted yet, this status is used for underage animals or mothers with nursing litters. Assignments can range from 2-8 weeks in duration. Expect underage animals (kittens, puppies and small pets) to be part of a litter. These assignments will be required to go home with littermates and/or their mother. Consecutive animal identification numbers are a good indicator that an animal has littermates.  Additional details for each assignment will be provided once the Foster Interest Form has been received. Additional training is required for bottle baby animals.
  • Hold Quarantine – this animal is being monitored for contagious disease. The animal may have an active infection or may be quarantined as a precaution if exposed to an infectious animal. Assignments can range from 2-8 weeks in duration.
  • Under Behavior Modification – this animal is working with the Behavior team on a training plan. They are making progress and moving into a foster home is the next step in their plan. Fosters work alongside the trainer to set the animal up for success. Prior foster experience is required for these assignments. Assignments can range from 2-8 weeks.
  • Hold In/Under Vet Care – this animal is under care by our Veterinary team. They are making health improvements and moving into a foster home is the next step in their recovery. Fosters work alongside medical to make sure the animal is comfortable during recovery. Assignments can range from 2-8 weeks.
  • Stray Hold – this animal was recently found and is serving a legal hold period to allow time for the owner to find them. The foster must immediately return the animal from foster if the owner comes forward.
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