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San Diego Humane Society

Youth Program Referrals

Name Birthday Parties Scouts Tours Unguided Tours Speaking / Classroom Camp Virtual Programs FIeld Trips Other Youth Programs Group Volunteer Service Types of animals Location Phone  Email Website Facebook
Birch Aquarium x   x x   x x       sea creatures La Jolla (858) 534-FISH
California Wolf Center     x                 Julian (760) 765-0030
Carlsbad Art Farm             x x Art classes and workshops   alpacas, bunnies, chickens, donkeys, goats Carlsbad (760) 688-6144
Children's Nature Retreat x x x x             domesticated livestock and exotic animals, alpacas, birds, bison, bunnies, camels,  chickens, cows, goats, horses, mini cows, mini horses, mules, pigs, tortoises, zebra Alpine (619) 320-4942
Critter Encounters x x     x           birds, chinchilla, iguana, lizards, possum, snakes Travel to you (619) 985-2415
EcoVivarium x   x x x           reptiles and bugs Escondido and Travel to you (760) 975-9690
Educated Choices         x   x   Middle & High school, Community and corporate programs about the impact of food choices   N/A Travel to you (404) 806-2294
FACE Foundation   X                 Dogs, guinea pigs, birds, and a tortoise   (858) 450-3223  
Free Flight Sanctuary x     x x x x   Junior Docent program for teens   Exotic Birds Del Mar and Travel to you (858) 481-3148
Heart and Hooves         x       Pony playtime one on one time; session for siblings (sessions for foster children living apart)   horses, mini ponies Ramona and Travel to you (619) 633-5105
Helen Woodward Animal Center x x     x x x x Pet therapy   alpaca, birds, bunnies, chicken, chinchilla, donkey, goat, guinea pig, horses, lizard, millipede, mini horse, sheep, snake, turtle Rancho Santa fe and Travel to you (858) 756-4117
Intertwined Conservation         x           parrots Travel to you
Lions Tigers & Bears   x x     x x       bears, bobcats, leopards, lions, mountain lions, tigers, servals Alpine (619) 659-8078
Living Coast x x x x   x x x   Once a month Chula Vista Clean up projects egals, gardens and walking trails, raptors, rays, sharks, shorebirds, southern california flora and fauna (water and land - fish, amphibians, scorporians), turtles Chula Vista (619) 409-5900
Love on a Leash - North San Diego County          x           dogs Travel to you (760) 730-1927 (Beth),  
Love on a Leash - San Diego Central         x           dogs Travel to you (858) 603-8798 (Sue Subkow)
Love on a Leash - San Diego Inland          x           dogs Travel to you
Oasis Camel Dairy     x x   x         birds, camels, sheep Ramona (760) 787-0983
Parrot Adoption Center         X           parrots Carlsbad (619) 287-8200
Rancho Coastal Humane Society x   x   x x       x cats, bunnies, dog Encinitas (760) 753-6413
Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary     X               chicken, cows, dogs, donkeys, goats, horses, pigs, sheep, turkeys Temecula (949) 235 8895
San Diego Zoo / Safari Park x   x x x x x   Overnight events   All San Diego and Escondido (619) 231-1515
Saving Animals Healing Hearts                   x chicken, dokeys, goats, horses, pigs, turkeys, Ramona (760) 961-5600
SD Turtle and Tortoise Society                 Build Housing  x tortoises, turtles   (619) 593-2123 (Jacqui Castro)
SeaWorld x x x x   X     Overnight events   sea creatures San Diego (619) 222-4SEA
Sky Hunters   x     x           raptors Travel to you (619) 985-9686  
SoCal Parrots                     parrots Jamul (855) 737-4953
Sugar Sweet Farm x   x   x x     Goat yoga   chickens, bunnies, garden, goats, llamas, mini donkey, mini horses, mini sheep, potbellied pigs,  Encinitas and Travel to you (858) 264-6525
Total Raptor Experience x                   owls, raptors La jolla and Ramona (619) 535-7307
Wild Wonders x x x   x x x       amphibians, armadillos, binturong, birds, bush babies, cheetah, chinchilla, fox, hedgehogs, kinkajou, lizards, lynx, monkeys, pacas, patagonian cavy, porcupine, rock hyrax, serval, snakes, sugar gliders, tarantulas, tortoises, wallaby Bonsall and Travel to you (760) 630-9230
Zovargo x x     x   x       bengal cats, birds, bunnies, centipede, chickens, frogs, guinea pig, lizards, scorpion, snakes, tarantula, tortoise Travel to you (619) 618-0745


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