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San Diego Humane Society

Additional Resources for Families in Need

As a trusted, local animal welfare organization, we've compiled tips, tricks and resources to help you take the very best care of your pet. For more training tips, wellness information and medical care resources, please visit our Resource Center.

The businesses listed on this webpage were gathered as a courtesy for the community and are not endorsed or guaranteed by San Diego Humane Society.


Resources to Support Specific Populations

Pet-related resources for people experiencing homelessness and domestic violence. 

  • Domestic Violence Support
    Support for victims of domestic violence.
  • Homeless Support Guide
    We recognize and appreciate the unique bond shared by pet families experiencing homelessness, and work in partnership with human service organizations to support these vulnerable members of our community.


Animals in Supportive Roles

  • Service Animal Resources
    Information about the different types of assistance animals and reasonable accommodations, trained service dog resources.
  • Service Dogs and Animals in Supportive Roles
    Dogs have played many roles in humans’ lives over the past century. From fearless protector to professional snuggler and everything in between, dogs fill our hearts and homes with a special kind of companionship only they can provide. In recent decades, dogs have also taken on a few new roles in our communities — as supportive working dogs.


Contact Information

Resource Center

Contact Us Online
Online Resource Center

Report an Animal Emergency

For human-related emergencies — please call 911.

If you live in San Diego Humane Society's jurisdiction*, report an animal-related emergency by calling 619-299-7012 (press 1).

For animal-related emergencies in the following locations, please contact the corresponding animal control provider:

  • Chula Vista and Lemon Grove residents should contact Chula Vista Animal Care and Control at 619-476-2476.
  • Coronado residents should contact the Coronado Police Department at 619-522-7350.      
  • National City residents should contact the National City Police Department at 619-336-4411. 
  • Residents of unincorporated areas of San Diego County should contact the County of San Diego Department of Animal Services at 619-236-2341. 
  • For assistance with aquatic mammals, contact SeaWorld Rescue at 1-800-541-7325

*To determine the animal service provider that covers your area — View Jurisdictions by ZIP code.  


Adoptions are completed in person on a first-come, first-served basis. Once you have found an animal you’re interested in, please visit the appropriate campus during adoption hours to speak with an adoption counselor. Please review our Adoption Process or call 619-299-7012 if you have questions.

Barking Dog and Animal Noise Complaints

Report Barking Dogs or make an animal noise complaint

Behavior Helpline

Behavior Helpline
619-299-7012, ext. 2244
We aim to respond within 7 days, but responses may take up to 2 weeks. Thank you for your patience!

Questions About Public Classes
619-299-7012, ext. 2398

Ask a Trainer
Class Info
Training Articles

Bequests and Estates

Wills, Trusts and Retirement Gifts
More Info

Community Engagement

San Diego Humane Society offers a variety of virtual and in person programs for adults and children.

Adult programs: 619-299-7012, ext. 2292
Youth Education (on-site): 619-299-7012, ext. 3001
Youth Outreach (in the community): 619-299-7012, ext. 2256
More Info

Community Pet Pantry

Pet families who need extra help can visit our campus locations, Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., to pick up a bag of dog or cat food as well as other supplies as available. No appointment is needed for this service.

More Info

Donations / Fundraising


Emergency Response Team (ERT)

24-hour emergency hotline: 619-299-7012, press 1
More Info

Event Sponsorship

More Info

Foster Volunteer Program

More Info

Give Up / Relinquish a Pet

If you need to give up a pet, please read about our rehoming and relinquishment options.
You can call 619-299-7012 or email for further assistance. 
More Info

Guest Relations


Humane Euthanasia Services

More Info

Humane Law Enforcement*

Report Dog Bites
Report Barking Dogs
Report Animal Cruelty
For emergencies, including animals left in hot cars, call 619-299-7012 and press 1.

*We can only respond to calls within our jurisdiction.

619-299-7012, press 1
More Info


More Info

Lost and Found

More Info

Marketing & Communications


Monthly and Online Donations

More Info

Project Wildlife

Wildlife rescue and rehabilitation
More Info

Report Animal Cruelty/Neglect

619-299-7012, press 1 or submit report online
More Info

Vehicle Donations

877-540-PETS (7387)
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Volunteer Opportunities

More info

Website Feedback


Other Useful Contacts

Poison Control

24-hour helpline

Leash-Free Dog Parks in San Diego


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