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San Diego Humane Society

Five Ways to Be a Friend to Wild Animals

There are different ways you can be a good neighbor, so here are five tips based on common animals in the San Diego region.

Trim Trees in Fall 

When trees are dormant, that’s the best time for trimming. As the weather warms, local wildlife begin building their nests in trees, so trimming in spring and summer can lead to the destruction of bird’s nests and wildlife habitats. If a nest is actively in use, the US Fish & Game’s Migratory Bird Treaty Act prohibits disturbing nests and can levy fines if the regulation is disregarded.

Don’t Use Rat Poison

Young raptors will often eat dead mice and other rodents and will become ill from the poison. Appreciate raptors for their natural ability to control rodents.

Cover Reflective Windows

Use non-reflective cellophane, a screen or a similar material to prevent birds from crashing into them.

Watch Your Pets

Accompany small pets outdoors, especially during the winter raptor migration months of September through April. Keep your pet cat indoors if you have finches in your yard. Due to their tiny size, finches are easy prey to an agile cat.

Feeding Birds Naturally

Most people enjoy watching songbirds. But when it comes to caring for wild birds, what’s better than bird feeders? Native plants! Adding native plants like alder, chamise or California lilac to your yard or garden is a great way to attract birds while encouraging them to feed on natural resources. These plants also protect songbirds from predators and prevent the spread of diseases.

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