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San Diego Humane Society

Prepare a Pet Emergency Kit

Put the following supplies in a sturdy waterproof container:

  • Three-plus days supply food and water with bowls. 
  • Two weeks of your pet’s medications.
  • Litter boxes with litter, if you have cats.
  • Crates, bedding and toys.
  • Extra leashes and collars.
  • Vaccination and medical records.
  • Photos and descriptions of each pet.
  • Stickers you can attach to your pet’s tags with the information of your intended destination and outside temporary contact information.

Keeping your pet comfortable will reduce stress during an evacuation. Remember, in case of a flood, fire, earthquake, hazardous spill or other disaster, your animals will rely on you to help them escape. Therefore the more prepared you are, the safer you and your pets will be!


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