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San Diego Humane Society

Adoption Resources

Adoption Guarantee 

At San Diego Humane Society, we are committed to finding you the right match and offer an adoption guarantee. If for any reason you are unable to provide care for your pet, or your adopted pet is not the right match for you and you cannot rehome them on your own, we will always welcome the pet back into our care (by appointment).

  • Adoption FAQs
    Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about adopting an animal with San Diego Humane Society.
  • Adoption Fees
    Adoption fees at San Diego Humane Society.
  • Adoption Policy
    San Diego Humane Society’s mission to inspire compassion for people and animals is reflected in our adoption philosophy: Every pet has the right to a continuous and nurturing relationship with people who convey an enduring sense of love and care.
  • Adoption Process
    Thank you for considering adopting your new pet from San Diego Humane Society. Learn how to adopt from San Diego Humane Society. This tutorial is intended to show you our adoption process step by step and from start to finish.
  • Animal Size and Weight Chart
    Size and weight definition chart.
  • Available Animals
    San Diego Humane Society has a variety of adoptable pets available including cats, dogs and small animals like rats, rabbits, hamsters, birds, reptiles and more.
  • Post Adoption Complimentary Veterinary Exam
    To get you and your pet off on the best start possible, the following veterinary offices have generously offered to provide a complimentary vet exam when you adopt a pet from San Diego Humane Society.
  • Thank You for Adopting: Post-Adoption Offers
    To help you and your new pet settle in, here are highlights of key information in your adoption contract.


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