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San Diego Humane Society

Children's Reading List

Our Humane Educators use books as a teaching tool to inspire compassion for animals. Check out some of our favorites here! 

Top Picks

Buddy Unchained cover.png

Title: Buddy Unchained
Author: Daisy Bix
Illustrator: Joe Hyatt

Meet Buddy, a gentle dog who tells about his former life of neglect, abuse, and finally rescue. Through Buddy’s story, children experience what life is like for an abandoned pet and what the power of adoption, love and kindness can do for an animal. 

The Forgotten Rabbit cover.jpg

Title: The Forgotten Rabbit
Author: Nancy Furstinger
Illustrator: Nancy Lane

Follow the tale of Bella the rabbit as she makes a giant leap from neglected Easter bunny to cherished animal companion and best friend. A touching story focusing on the human-animal bond, pet care, responsibility and the commitment one makes when choosing a pet.

Lucky cover.jpg

Title: Lucky
Author: Monica Engebretson
Illustrator: Melodee Strong

Lucky shares the story of a wild rainbow lorikeet who is captured and then purchased as a pet for a young boy. The boy’s excitement about his new pet wanes as he grows to understand what life in captivity might feel like for a wild animal, and he grapples with choosing between what he might want and what is best for the bird.

Lola Gets Cat cover.jpg

Title: Lola Gets a Cat
Author: Anna McQuinn
Illustrator: Rosalind Beardshaw

A great book for young readers, Lola teaches what a big responsibility it is to have a pet, from doing research beforehand to getting all of the supplies and then choosing the right pet to adopt. Lola also demonstrates the importance of treating our pets with kindness and patience.


More Favorites




All the Way to the Ocean.jpg

All the Way to the Ocean

Joel Harper

Are you ready for me.jpg

Are You Ready for Me?

Claire Buchwald

Danny Dog.jpg

Danny Dog

Sid Shapira

Adventures of Esther Wonder Pig.jpg

Esther the Wonder Pig

Steve Jenkins, Derek Walter, & Caprice Crane

Gwen the Rescue Hen.jpg

Gwen the Rescue Hen

Leslie Crawford

Hey Little Ant.jpg

Hey, Little Ant

Phillip and Hannah Hoose


How I Love and Care for My Happy Dog

Valerie Ingram & Alistair Schroff


It’s Raining Pups and Dogs

Jeanne Prevost

Ivan, the Remarkable True Story.jpg

Ivan: The Remarkable True Story of the Shopping Mall Gorilla

Katherine Applegate

Kamie Cat's Terrible Night.jpg

Kamie Cat’s Terrible Night

Sheila Hamanaka

Love Me Gently.jpg

Love Me Gently

Lisa Wiehebrink

Maggies Second Chance.jpg

Maggie’s Second Chance

Nancy Furstinger


Memoirs of a Hamster

Devin Scillian

Not for me, please.jpg

Not for me, please! I choose to act green

Maria Godsey

Pablo Puppy's Search for the Perfect Person.jpg

Pablo Puppy’s Search for the Perfect Person

Sheila Hamanaka

Pesky Plastic and Environmental Story.jpg

Pesky Plastic, An Environmental Story

Leticia Colon de Mejias

Rescue Kitty.jpg

Rescue Kitty

Brenda Fiorini

Rescue Pup.jpg

Rescue Pup

Brenda Fiorini

Sad, the dog.jpg

Sad, the Dog

Sandy Fussell

Samurai, a feral kitten's journey.jpg

Samurai, A Feral Kitten’s Journey to Find a Home

Rosemary Wood

Saving Audie.jpg

Saving Audie: A Pitbull Puppy Gets a Second Chance

Dorothy Hinshaw Patent

Sprig the Rescue Pig.jpg

Sprig the Rescue Pig

Leslie Crawford

The Busy Tree.jpg

The Busy Tree

Jennifer Ward

What Does it Mean to Be Green.jpg

What Does it Mean to be Green?

Rana DiOrio

When Anju Loved Being an Elephant.jpg

When Anju Loved Being an Elephant

Wendy Henrichs

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