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Spaying or neutering is a special surgery that prevents pets from having babies.   

Even though we all love puppies and kittens, right now there are not enough homes for all the animals who need them. This problem is called pet overpopulation. Shelters like San Diego Humane Society work hard to make sure every animal finds a home. You can help both your pet and your community by getting your pet spayed or neutered! First, it helps to end the problem of overpopulation. Second, it can prevent your pet from developing health issues, such as certain types of cancer, and they can live a longer, healthier life. Finally, it can help your pet display more positive behaviors. For example, pets who are spayed or neutered are less likely to escape from your home or mark their territory. They are more likely to want to spend time relaxing with you!



Critter Kids Newsletter is a fun way to learn about different topics in animal welfare. Newsletters include articles, brain teasers, coloring, book recommendations and opportunities to give back.

Check out our current issue and special edition here:

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