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San Diego Humane Society

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Humane at Home

Learn all about pets and their care or explore San Diego wildlife! After watching the episodes, complete the corresponding Humane at Home Activity Sheet.

Most Recent Humane @ Home Episode

Humane at Home features a different animal theme each episode. 

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Featured Videos

Awesome Opossums

This episode is all about awesome opossums! You’ll learn all about these local creatures and you’ll get to meet a baby opossum!

Pig Friends!

This episode of Humane at Home is kind of a pig deal! We continue our celebration of Earth Day by learning about the impact our food choices have on the environment and how we can all make kinder choices. We will also meet this perfect piggie pair, Moose and Pumba, and learn what makes them and all pigs so special and unique! Hint: there will be belly rubs, tricks, and a doggie door involved.

Basics of Dog Body Language

We are kicking off Dog Bite Prevention Week by learning the basics of dog body language and how to stay safe around our canine companions. #PreventDogBites

D.I.Y. Videos 

Check out more DIY ideas here!

Learn how to make DIY enrichment items for dogs. 

Animal Shelter Careers

Animal Shelter Careers

Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour of San Diego Humane Society

Guest Video

From Girl Scout Troop 4828

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